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Office of Convocation



Graduating in November 2014?

Guest tickets, if requested and granted, will be available for pickup beginning November 10th, 2014.

Please note that there is no charge for convocation tickets.

November 2014 Convocation ceremonies will be held in Convocation Hall from November 17 – 21, 2014. Please note that the deadline to request name changes/corrections for the the Fall 2014 Convocation period is September 27th, 2014.

Attending the convocation ceremony is a simple two step process. You will first need to arrange for Gown and Hood Rental. RSVP and guest ticket orders are the second step in the process. Please visit the Preparing for Graduation portion of our website to ensure that you have completed all of the steps necessary for a successful ceremony.

Note: you will require an active ROSI pin number to access the online RSVP.

The University of Toronto respects your privacy. Convocation ceremonies and related events are public and recorded in various ways including webcast, video and photography. These images and recordings may be used for official purposes, such as promoting the University of Toronto. If you have any questions, please contact

Graduating in June 2015?

June 2015 Convocation ceremonies will run from June 2 – 19, 2015. On March 23rd, 2015, the Office of Convocation will begin sending information to potential graduates, including details regarding gown rental and ticket ordering, for the June 2015 Convocation period.

Graduated Recently?

If you did not attend Convocation, you may obtain your diploma in person at the Office of Convocation or you can arrange to have your diploma delivered. Please visit our webcast page to see an archived webcast of your convocation ceremony.