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Honorary Degree Recipients

List of Honorary Degree Recipients, 1850-Present

Honorary Graduands and Convocation Speakers for the Spring 2018 Convocation Ceremonies

Ceremony 1Thursday, June 72:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand: Loretta RogersBiography
Ceremony 2Thursday, June 76:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Ellen HodnettBiography
Ceremony 3Friday, June 810:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker: Right Honourable Beverley McLachlinBiography
Ceremony 4Friday, June 82:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Professor Heather BoonBiography
Ceremony 5Monday, June 1110:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker: Catherine HernandezBiography
Ceremony 6Monday, June 112:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Peter WallaceBiography
Ceremony 7Monday, June 116:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Professor Marc CadotteBiography
Ceremony 8Tuesday, June 1210:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand: Dominic BartonBiography
Ceremony 9Tuesday, June 122:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand: Ilse TreurnichtBiography
Ceremony 10Tuesday, June 126:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Mr. Tenniel ChuBiography
Ceremony 11Wednesday, June 1310:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker: Professor Gretchen KerrBiography
Ceremony 12Wednesday, June 132:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Professor Marc LaflammeBiography
Ceremony 13Wednesday, June 136:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Colin SaldanhaBiography
Ceremony 14Thursday, June 1410:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker: Ms Leslie WooBiography
Ceremony 15Thursday, June 142:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand: Richard NunnBiography
Ceremony 16Thursday, June 146:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Daniel MunroBiography
Ceremony 17Friday, June 1510:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand: Hon. William C. GrahamBiography
Ceremony 18Friday, June 152:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Charles ForanBiography
Ceremony 19Monday, June 1810:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand: Mark CarneyBiography
Ceremony 20Monday, June 182:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand: Cindy BlackstockBiography
Ceremony 21Monday, June 186:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Professor Alison GibbsBiography
Ceremony 22Tuesday, June 1910:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand: Janis ChodasBiography
Ceremony 23Tuesday, June 192:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: University Professor Molly ShoichetBiography
Ceremony 24Tuesday, June 196:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Professor Safwat ZakyBiography
Ceremony 25Wednesday, June 2010:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker: Ms Sabina AliBiography
Ceremony 26Wednesday, June 202:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand: Geoffrey MatusBiography
Ceremony 27Wednesday, June 206:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand: Dionne BrandBiography
Ceremony 28Thursday, June 2110:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand: Michael DanBiography
Ceremony 29Thursday, June 212:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker: Hon. Michael WilsonBiography