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Honorary Degree Recipients

List of Honorary Degree Recipients, 1850-Present

Honorary Graduands and Convocation Speakers for the Spring 2015 Convocation Ceremonies

Ceremony 1Tuesday, June 22:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand - Professor Emeritus Arnold AbermanBiography
Ceremony 2Wednesday, June 310:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand - Mr. Bob McDonaldBiography
Ceremony 3Wednesday, June 32:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand - Mr. Roberto Benigni & Ms Nicoletta BraschiBiography
Ceremony 4Wednesday, June 36:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Mr. Paul WoolfordBiography
Ceremony 5Thursday, June 42:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Tye FarrowBiography
Ceremony 6Friday, June 510:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand - The Honorable Paul VolckerBiography
Ceremony 7Friday, June 52:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Professor Jeffrey KarpBiography
Ceremony 8Monday, June 810:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker - Anne GlogerBiography
Ceremony 9Monday, June 82:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Professor Malcolm CampbellBiography
Ceremony 10Monday, June 86:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Satish KanwarBiography
Ceremony 11Tuesday, June 92:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand - Ms Abigail HoffmanBiography
Ceremony 12Wednesday, June 1010:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker - University Professor Marla B. SokolowskiBiography
Ceremony 13Wednesday, June 102:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Professor Maydianne AndradeBiography
Ceremony 14Thursday, June 1110:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker - Dr. Tiff MacklemBiography
Ceremony 15Thursday, June 112:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand - The Honourable Frank McKennaBiography
Ceremony 16Friday, June 1210:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand - Professor Jan GehlBiography
Ceremony 17Friday, June 122:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand - Ms Chantal PetitclercBiography
Ceremony 18Monday, June 1510:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand - Dr. Alfred AhoBiography
Ceremony 19Monday, June 152:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Professor Emeritus Ronald D. VenterBiography
Ceremony 20Tuesday, June 1610:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker - Dr. Andrew CummingBiography
Ceremony 21Tuesday, June 162:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Mr. David SilcoxBiography
Ceremony 22Wednesday, June 1710:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker - David ScrymgeourBiography
Ceremony 23Wednesday, June 172:30 p.m.Honorary Graduand - Ms Jacqueline NovogratzBiography
Ceremony 24Thursday, June 1810:00 a.m.Convocation Speaker - Margaret WilsonBiography
Ceremony 25Thursday, June 182:30 p.m.Convocation Speaker - Margaret WilsonBiography
Ceremony 26Friday, June 1910:00 a.m.Honorary Graduand - Dr. Maria KlaweBiography